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  • Beginner Questions - Concrete Pumping

    Oct 30 2006 · ok sure but please learn to pump before you find out what it is like to pound out 200' of 2 1/2 inch hose with a hammer. Or have to paint 15 cars or bla bla bla. Learn the trade. Companies will pay you to train to learn the trade do us all a favor and learn how to pump concrete. I pumped for 4 years and could of bought 5 pumps but got out.

  • The Basic Principles From The Concrete Boom Pump | My Blog

    Jul 25 2019 · The pumps need to be bought in the best budget range if you wish to start to see the most return on your income. Use a concrete boom pump in numerous applications and then make a considerable amount of money once you begin utilizing it. You can purchase a pump that mounts over a truck or choose from any number of pumps that you might need.

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    Jan 27 2021 · The boom pump is the most versatile of your concrete pumps and are usually added to trucks or installed as separate placing booms. The truck-mounted boom is effective in that it allows faster establishing and elimination of the arm greater accuracy in concrete pouring and a lot more durability in multi-level pumping sites.