The structure of concrete mixer truck

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  • EP2782729A1 - Truck-mounted concrete mixer mixing drum ...

    The present invention provides a mixing drum blade structure and a mixing drum of truck-mounted concrete mixer and a truck-mounted concrete mixer. The mixing drum blade structure comprises a first blade part connected to the inner wall of a mixing drum and a second blade part that intersect-connected to the first blade part. Since the first blade part and the second blade part are intersect ...

  • The structure principle of CIMC concrete mixer truck | CIMC

    Apr 16 2019 · Concrete mixer structure principle. The concrete mixer truck consists of a special device for the car chassis and concrete mixing and transportation. The chassis of the concrete mixer truck produced in China mostly adopts the second-class universal chassis provided by the whole vehicle manufacturer. Its special mechanism mainly includes power ...

  • Ready Mix Concrete Mixer Truck Structure

    The structure of a ready mix concrete mixer truck consists of six parts: engine hydraulic system speed reducer operating device mixing device and cleaning system. Needless to say the engine system provides drive for all moving devices of the concrete truck. Together with the hydraulic system it turns mechanical energy into kinetic energy.