Piston side vs Rod Side - Concrete Pumping

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  • Piston side vs. Rod Side - Concrete Pumping

    Apr 09 2008 · When the oil is directed to the rod side there is less room (area) on the piston head due to the fact that some of the area is being taken up by the cylinder rod its self. That also has the affect of requiring less oil to move the cylinder the same distance because the cylinder rod is now taking up some of the volume on that side of the piston head. This means faster pumping volume. The opposite cylinder is moved in both cases by loop oil. Rod side = high volume and low pressure. Head side ...

  • Rod pressure. Piston pressure - Concrete Pumping

    Dec 01 2015 · Rod side: less surface area = less pressure more output volume im assuming your Alliance pump is a JXR38-4.16 : The 16 means 160 m3/hr output. which is set up on rod side. Piston side on this unit is not reccomeneded to be pumped through the boom because the concrete pressure exceeds the pressure rating of the pipe.